Demand Federal Investigations

As you know, we live in the deadliest police culture in the world.

Our partners had the opportunity to speak along with families who lost loved ones at the hands of police (and perpetrators protected by police) to officials at the highest levels of our federal government recently. We got a promise from Attorney General William Barr and Donald Trump to launch federal investigations into these murders.

But their promise means very little until there is tangible action. And we all know how much is it ministration lies. That’s why we need you and thousands of other people across the country to demand that they launch investigations, immediately.

Add your name right now to demand federal investigations into the murders of Botham Jean, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Dean, Darius Tarver, Jemel Roberson, Cameron Lamb, Antwon Rose, Everett Palmer, and Atatiana Jefferson.

Add your name

Some of these families have been fighting for justice for years. It has been deeply exhausting and painful. All the more reason to fight with them. This war against Black and Brown people won’t stop unless we demand it.

Ultimately, you can support our partners Grassroots Law Project with a monetary contribution.


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Grassroots Law Project

Looking to become an active advocate for change? Join our Grassroots Law Volunteer Team today!

Grassroots Law Project

In the battle for the radical transformation of our policing and justice systems, numbers really do matter.

Communities are coming together to advocate for true and long-lasting justice transformation. We’re advocating to hold law enforcement accountable, get justice for families, and pass life-saving policies. But we can’t do it without you.

Will you join our Grassroots Law Volunteer Team to help us fight for a true and effective transformation of policing and justice in America?

Since the launch of this organizing initiative, nearly 60,000 people have signed up to volunteer, and this number is growing every day.

With the help of their hard work, we’ve banded together to log cases of police brutality and misconduct, track local policies currently being proposed so we can support those changes, pressure elected officials to commit to our pledge – and we made 154,000 phone calls to help pass Breonna’s Law in Louisville to ban dangerous no-knock warrants.


The work and research of our volunteer team will continue to serve as invaluable tools to achieve real change. We have to maintain our momentum, which means we’re going to need as many passionate people as possible fighting for the radical transformation we deserve.

Thanks Woke White Folks

Y’all don’t get enough praise during these trying times and it should be noted that our community deeply appreciates your love and continued support fighting for equality and justice for ALL!

However, we will not yet discontinue the #WhitePeopleKindaSuck hashtag simply because there is a substantial and disturbing percentage of white people that are clearly not supporting this movement or acknowledging that there is a problem. Thus, you do still kind of suck.

You are all inevitably related in someway—be it directly, distant cousins, in-laws or whatever. It is your responsibility to address these issues and not ours. it’s your mess to clean up. We have simply had enough.

Open post

Congratulations Passing Breonna’s Law

Thanks to Action PAC, Jessica Green, Barbara Sexton Smith, you and the People Power Party!

After thousands of phone calls and emails from people like you, the Louisville Metro Council just voted unanimously to pass Breonna’s Law.

It’s a total ban on no-knock warrants, making it the strongest ban in the country for the type of warrant used to murder Breonna Taylor. This is a major step forward in the fight to hold the systems accountable that enable police to kill people like Breonna. Every city in America should follow suit.

Help us make the most of this momentum. Make a $3 contribution to Grassroots Law Project right now to build massive grassroots pressure for more cities to pass critical legislation like Breonna’s Law.

Contribute $3

The police who murdered Breonna in the middle of the night have yet to be charged or arrested. We will continue fighting to hold her killers accountable.

Today’s victory proves what’s possible when we organize and when courageous leaders – like Councilmembers Jessica Green and Barbara Sexton Smith in Louisville – introduce bold policies.

To meet this moment, we’re leveling up our tools and team, and we’re creating hundreds of local hubs in cities across all 50 states.

We’re depending on grassroots contributions from people like you to help fund this work.

Chip in right now to help us dismantle brutal policing policies in more cities across the nation.


Moving Words from Jay Blaque

Another Brother In Arms commenting in peace over at our IG, @theblkpanthers

We will prevail…we have to…there’s no going back to an uncomfortable normal…everyone is aware of whats going on…you cannot feign ignorance to systemic racism…perpetuating a constant environment of oppression to BLACK and BROWN people all over the globe…but most famously in America…George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery…these are the catalyst…these are the breaking points where the WORLD said – “Enough is Enough”…

I was raised to be an activist…revolution is in my blood…WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION…we will not stop until it’s won…The enemy is better provisioned…but we are powered by each other… YOU WILL GET TIRED… it’s up to us to hold each other up and PRESS ON…”WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT OUR CHAINS” – @WakeUpAndStayWoke

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