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Justice For Sean Monterrosa

Another brother, dead

A young man named Sean Monterrosa was literally kneeling down with his hands up when Vallejo police shot and killed him – right in the middle of protests for George Floyd.

Sean’s family and legal team personally reached out to us for help.

That’s why today, our Grassroots Law Project team is launching a major campaign to demand justice for Sean Monterrosa. Sign our super-petition right now, ok?


People are gathering at City Hall in Vallejo, California on Saturday at 3pm to demand justice for Sean. Let’s stand with them.

Listen. The only justice we get is the justice we fight for. We’ve seen that it takes millions of people signing, sharing, and making phone calls in order to get families even a tiny piece of justice.

Sean was only 22. He was fiercely loyal and cherished by his family and friends. He loved to make art and fix cars. He worked with Latinx youth in the community and cared deeply for others.

His very last text to his sister was a petition to get justice for George Floyd.

He was unarmed and cooperative, but Vallejo police officer Jarrett Tonn shot Sean five times from behind the windshield of an unmarked police car. It’s one of the worst police shootings we’ve ever seen.

Sean deserved to live. We’re asking you to join Sean’s family and legal team to demand justice. When you add your name here, you’ll join this new team we’re building to fight for Sean, ok?

If enough people get on board, we can pressure key elected officials and the Vallejo Police Department to fire, arrest, and charge officer Jarrett Tonn for the murder of Sean Monterrosa. Add your name right now.



The Acknowledgment

Solving our problems begins with #ACKNOWLEDGMENT.

EVERY white person that claims they are NOT a part of the problem and wish to make real, lasting social change MUST SHARE these words (or similar) from WILL JOHNSON, a white man acknowledging truth.

There is no excuse for any white person with an online presence not to. Other than, they genuinely don’t share this sentiment. In which case, they are the problem and our enemy. It’s not too much to ask and the least they can do.

Use this MEME and send it to every white person you have contact with and request they use it (or similar) to state their Acknowledgment.

UNFOLLOW/UNFRIEND all white people who do not comply. We must know who our friends are.

#Acknowledgment #TheAcknowledgment #AcknowledgmentNow #AcknowledgeTheTruth #AcknowledgmentHeals #MyAcknowledgment

Bailouts Needed Now

The past couple days will go down as some of the ugliest, most violent days of police brutality in American history.

People were beaten, battered, and shot in dozens of cities. Many suffer critical injuries. They were non-violent protesters. And they were met with violence, coast to coast.

We’re in a crisis of state violence. We must stand together and protect one another.

That’s why today, we’re raising money for bail funds in several major cities that are experiencing some of the worst police brutality against protestors. Please chip in right now, ok?


Every contribution on this page will go directly to these bail funds:

  • Minnesota Freedom Fund
  • Louisville Community Bail Fund
  • Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
  • Chicago Community Bond Fund
  • Los Angeles Action Bail Fund

Police are pepper spraying children in the face. Shooting journalists with rubber bullets. Firing paint and tear gas at peaceful residents. Busting car windows. Tasering and arresting people who aren’t even protesting. (If you don’t believe me, you can go look at the videos all over my Instagram feed.)

This is where we are right now. Police across the country have shown just how racist and violent they are.

Please donate to community bail funds to help get protestors out of jail and home safely.

We can only endure this together, and we must make bold, ambitious demands nationwide to stop this crisis.

The Time Is Now

Democrats only need FOUR seats to flip the Senate, and we’re now beating FIVE incumbent Republican senators!

  1. Lindsey Graham (R) is LOSING in South Carolina  42%-46%.
  2. Susan Collins (R) is LOSING in Maine  43%-47%.
  3. Martha McSally (R) is LOSING in Arizona  42%-47%.
  4. Thom Tillis (R) is LOSING in North Carolina  41%-46%.
  5. Cory Gardner (R) is LOSING in Colorado  38%-51%.

We’re on the verge of something historic: finally DEFEATING Mitch McConnell’s majority. But McConnell’s allies JUST dropped MILLIONS on ads in key Senate races! If we don’t fight back now, their ads WILL work and our lead could be completely erased.

If you are able to donate $5, here’s the link to do it. If you are not able to donate send this to someone you know you can. It’s quite simple—we live in a country where money talks.

Donate five bucks here!

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Happy Birthday Malcolm X

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Arabic: ٱلْحَاجّ مَالِك ٱلشَّبَازّ‎, romanizedal-Ḥājj Mālik ash-Shabāzz; born Malcolm Little; May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965), better known as Malcolm X, was an American Muslim minister and human rights activist who was a popular figure during the civil rights movement. He is best known for his staunch and controversial black racial advocacy, and for his time spent as the vocal spokesperson of the Nation of Islam.

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