Please Donate This Day

Our partners at Grassroots Law Project launched the Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission along with the district attorneys of San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia. We truly believe this can change the game – because we’re no longer trying to “reform” our justice systems. Our goal is to replace them.

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Now that we’re about half-way through this month, we need to make sure the budget is strong enough for the work ahead by this Friday.

Right now, important strategy sessions are happening behind the scenes so that these commissions can begin investigating and ruling on cases of police brutality and racial injustice soon.

But each local commission will take about $1 million per year to run. We’re counting on grassroots contributions from people like you to make it happen.

Can you chip in before our mid-month budget deadline on Friday? Please make your best gift to help our Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission begin investigating and ruling on cases of injustice.

Contribute $3

It’s important that our fundraising doesn’t slow down now. There’s too much on the line. This work needs to be well-funded to succeed.

We’re assessing our best next steps along with our budget right now, so that’s why you contributing before Friday matters so much.


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