The Time Is Now

Democrats only need FOUR seats to flip the Senate, and we’re now beating FIVE incumbent Republican senators!

  1. Lindsey Graham (R) is LOSING in South Carolina  42%-46%.
  2. Susan Collins (R) is LOSING in Maine  43%-47%.
  3. Martha McSally (R) is LOSING in Arizona  42%-47%.
  4. Thom Tillis (R) is LOSING in North Carolina  41%-46%.
  5. Cory Gardner (R) is LOSING in Colorado  38%-51%.

We’re on the verge of something historic: finally DEFEATING Mitch McConnell’s majority. But McConnell’s allies JUST dropped MILLIONS on ads in key Senate races! If we don’t fight back now, their ads WILL work and our lead could be completely erased.

If you are able to donate $5, here’s the link to do it. If you are not able to donate send this to someone you know you can. It’s quite simple—we live in a country where money talks.

Donate five bucks here!

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