The Acknowledgment

Solving our problems begins with #ACKNOWLEDGMENT.

EVERY white person that claims they are NOT a part of the problem and wish to make real, lasting social change MUST SHARE these words (or similar) from WILL JOHNSON, a white man acknowledging truth.

There is no excuse for any white person with an online presence not to. Other than, they genuinely don’t share this sentiment. In which case, they are the problem and our enemy. It’s not too much to ask and the least they can do.

Use this MEME and send it to every white person you have contact with and request they use it (or similar) to state their Acknowledgment.

UNFOLLOW/UNFRIEND all white people who do not comply. We must know who our friends are.

#Acknowledgment #TheAcknowledgment #AcknowledgmentNow #AcknowledgeTheTruth #AcknowledgmentHeals #MyAcknowledgment

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