Remember When

Yeah, I remember.

I also remember when the Republicans made an uproar when at some point Obama didn’t have his USA lapel-pin on, calling him unpatriotic. I guess only the little things, like protesting for equal rights at a sporting event are worthy of Republican outcry.

It’s no wonder why the Republicans haven’t won a Popular Vote since 1986. Why else do you think they are tooth and nail against abolishing the electoral system. BECAUSE THEY’D NEVER WIN! Obviously. Be in favor of a 1 person–1 vote system, like all our allies AND all democratic countries around the world.

Ironically enough, CHUMP is always telling his base the truth, thus the conviction. It’s just that, if the lie was a glove, this one would perfectly fit the spray tanned, sexual assault-accused, narcissistic, pathological lying, tax evading President of the United States, on his other hand. Yes, the system is rigged.

But even with this voting advantage and lingering relevance, or at least, presence in today’s society, it should be quite clear to everyone, literally around the world, that this political party is, useless. In fact, IRRELEVANT. Smart guys, living entitled, doing nothing…CLEARLY.

I also remember scared, white people afraid that the ‘elite’, constitutional lawyer Obama, wanted to take their guns away by regulating machine guns for sale.

Are these scared whites afraid of the ‘elite’ reality tv star taking away their democracy by trashing our allies and now publicly siding with a known bad actor?

Everyone else out there, don’t let the Republican’s turn us into Authoritarians.

Russia has no Free Press.
(So you don’t hear real people bitching.)

Russia has no fair elections.
(So one guy rules 28 years, yeah that’s normal)

I already knew by virtue of there vote, Trump people are gullible, star struck, immoral, hypocritical, non-thinkers. But now, it’s time to stop being offended and living in denial.

Look in the mirror or a puddle on the sidewalk. Ask yourself, if any other president (especially the black one) had done what yours did in Helsinki or Brussels, would you care? Can you even be honest with yourselves anymore? All for the sake of being “right” or just saying your guy’s president is bullshit. This isn’t some college sports championship! At any rate, your guy sucks at his job.

Pick any other Republican, we probably don’t care. Just stop this madness, latest in November 2018.

Everyone else, remind Republicans they are more than welcome to pack up and move to Russia. Have at it!
We’ll be holding on to our democracy by any means necessary.

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