Written by TBPP Contributor, Jess

Beautiful Black King
Do you realize who you are?
Do you know your name?
Do you understand why they hate you so?
One of the most complex creations to be placed on this Earth
Shades so diverse, the world stands in awe
Kinky hair serves as cushion for your crown
Hope and determination shine bright from your eyes
Full lips relay messages of truth, knowledge and wisdom
With your arms you protect, build, and comfort
Legs, sinewy like tree trunks, stand firm
Your back is broad and strong, like our ancestors slaving for a false master
The white man is not your master
Never truly was
God is your Master
This world can’t break you
Although it tried to make you
Yet it did not create you… Your design is divine
He knew who you would be
Where you would be
And why you would be
So wear your crown with pride
Hold your head high
Be steady in your gait
Speak with confidence
Love with your full emotion
Live with passion…
Trust in your existence because you were meant to be
Beautiful Black King

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