Congratulations Passing Breonna’s Law

Thanks to Action PAC, Jessica Green, Barbara Sexton Smith, you and the People Power Party!

After thousands of phone calls and emails from people like you, the Louisville Metro Council just voted unanimously to pass Breonna’s Law.

It’s a total ban on no-knock warrants, making it the strongest ban in the country for the type of warrant used to murder Breonna Taylor. This is a major step forward in the fight to hold the systems accountable that enable police to kill people like Breonna. Every city in America should follow suit.

Help us make the most of this momentum. Make a $3 contribution to Grassroots Law Project right now to build massive grassroots pressure for more cities to pass critical legislation like Breonna’s Law.

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The police who murdered Breonna in the middle of the night have yet to be charged or arrested. We will continue fighting to hold her killers accountable.

Today’s victory proves what’s possible when we organize and when courageous leaders – like Councilmembers Jessica Green and Barbara Sexton Smith in Louisville – introduce bold policies.

To meet this moment, we’re leveling up our tools and team, and we’re creating hundreds of local hubs in cities across all 50 states.

We’re depending on grassroots contributions from people like you to help fund this work.

Chip in right now to help us dismantle brutal policing policies in more cities across the nation.


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