Bailouts Needed Now

The past couple days will go down as some of the ugliest, most violent days of police brutality in American history.

People were beaten, battered, and shot in dozens of cities. Many suffer critical injuries. They were non-violent protesters. And they were met with violence, coast to coast.

We’re in a crisis of state violence. We must stand together and protect one another.

That’s why today, we’re raising money for bail funds in several major cities that are experiencing some of the worst police brutality against protestors. Please chip in right now, ok?


Every contribution on this page will go directly to these bail funds:

  • Minnesota Freedom Fund
  • Louisville Community Bail Fund
  • Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
  • Chicago Community Bond Fund
  • Los Angeles Action Bail Fund

Police are pepper spraying children in the face. Shooting journalists with rubber bullets. Firing paint and tear gas at peaceful residents. Busting car windows. Tasering and arresting people who aren’t even protesting. (If you don’t believe me, you can go look at the videos all over my Instagram feed.)

This is where we are right now. Police across the country have shown just how racist and violent they are.

Please donate to community bail funds to help get protestors out of jail and home safely.

We can only endure this together, and we must make bold, ambitious demands nationwide to stop this crisis.

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