125 Days Dead

It’s been 125 days since Breonna Taylor was killed by police in the middle of the night in her own apartment. We have organized hard. And still, the cops are free.

That’s why @UntilFreedom organizers, @TheBLKPanthers and activists like you are preparing to take demands for justice to the next level through civil disobedience.

Will you stand in solidarity with protestors on the ground by making phone calls? Please dial 502-735-1784 to tell key decision-makers that the police who murdered Breonna Taylor must be arrested immediately.

CALL 502-735-1784

This action will be even more powerful if we’re backed up by people all across the country echoing our demand: arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor now.

Call 502-735-1784 now. Ask to speak to a real person. Leave a message if you need to. Let’s get justice for Breonna Taylor and her family.

P.S. Follow the action on the ground at @UntilFreedom and @GrassrootsLaw.

CALL 502-735-1784

Demand Federal Investigations

As you know, we live in the deadliest police culture in the world.

Our partners had the opportunity to speak along with families who lost loved ones at the hands of police (and perpetrators protected by police) to officials at the highest levels of our federal government recently. We got a promise from Attorney General William Barr and Donald Trump to launch federal investigations into these murders.

But their promise means very little until there is tangible action. And we all know how much is it ministration lies. That’s why we need you and thousands of other people across the country to demand that they launch investigations, immediately.

Add your name right now to demand federal investigations into the murders of Botham Jean, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Dean, Darius Tarver, Jemel Roberson, Cameron Lamb, Antwon Rose, Everett Palmer, and Atatiana Jefferson.

Add your name

Some of these families have been fighting for justice for years. It has been deeply exhausting and painful. All the more reason to fight with them. This war against Black and Brown people won’t stop unless we demand it.

Ultimately, you can support our partners Grassroots Law Project with a monetary contribution.


Black Panther Albert Woodfox Finally Free

Black Panther finally free after 43 years in solitary confinement.
Albert Woodfox was convicted twice for killing a prison guard in 1972 but a judge ordered his release last summer.

The former Black Panther was kept behind bars by a federal appeals court as the state of Louisiana, where he was imprisoned, lodged a challenge against his release.

His release on Friday came after the state dropped the threat of a third murder charge in exchange for Woodfox pleading no contest to lesser charges.

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