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Justice For Sean Monterrosa

Another brother, dead

A young man named Sean Monterrosa was literally kneeling down with his hands up when Vallejo police shot and killed him – right in the middle of protests for George Floyd.

Sean’s family and legal team personally reached out to us for help.

That’s why today, our Grassroots Law Project team is launching a major campaign to demand justice for Sean Monterrosa. Sign our super-petition right now, ok?


People are gathering at City Hall in Vallejo, California on Saturday at 3pm to demand justice for Sean. Let’s stand with them.

Listen. The only justice we get is the justice we fight for. We’ve seen that it takes millions of people signing, sharing, and making phone calls in order to get families even a tiny piece of justice.

Sean was only 22. He was fiercely loyal and cherished by his family and friends. He loved to make art and fix cars. He worked with Latinx youth in the community and cared deeply for others.

His very last text to his sister was a petition to get justice for George Floyd.

He was unarmed and cooperative, but Vallejo police officer Jarrett Tonn shot Sean five times from behind the windshield of an unmarked police car. It’s one of the worst police shootings we’ve ever seen.

Sean deserved to live. We’re asking you to join Sean’s family and legal team to demand justice. When you add your name here, you’ll join this new team we’re building to fight for Sean, ok?

If enough people get on board, we can pressure key elected officials and the Vallejo Police Department to fire, arrest, and charge officer Jarrett Tonn for the murder of Sean Monterrosa. Add your name right now.



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