Albert Woodfox Speaks His Truth

Albert Woodfox, a founding Black Panther member and the last living member of the renown Angola 3, speaks about the cruelty of solitary confinement, which he suffered for 44 years due to trumped up charges in a Louisiana prison.

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How Racists Attempt to Communicate Again

This is yet another example of the types of emails regularly received by our peaceful mission.

Name: rebel soldier


Comment: As long as you rotten pitiful washed up retarded delusional paranoid brainwashed bigot racist darky colored nigger thugs attack,harass,falsely accuse and try to steal southern white heritage,culture and symbols (such ad the confederate flag) of racism and hate all true southern white men and KKK will continue to make war and attack you rotten pitiful washed up retarded delusional paranoid brainwashed bigot racist darky colored nigger thugs! You rotten pitiful washed up retarded nigger thugs should be deported from the united states and sent down to Honduras or Guatemala to live a hard life of poverty and homelessness without any electricity or heat or running water! You rotten pitiful washed up retarded colored darky nigger thugs should haft to scavenge the ground for food like the monkeys and old buzzards you are!! The only good colored darky nigger thug boy is a dead colored darky nigger thug boy!!! Go Dixie and let the confederate flag wave freely!!! See you rotten niggers at the next KKK rally where we will meet again on the battle field!!! Down with all rotten pitiful washed up retarded niggers!!!

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What’s Wrong With Just Being Black

Murder victim Tywanza Sanders was not only an innocent victim of racial terrorism committed by a despicable white racist, he was also an aspiring rapper.

Together with Producer/DJ Sir Charlie London and singer songwriter Kamary Phillips, one of Tywanza's (aka Fresh Wanza) last known songs has been realized.

In the song he poses the simple question, "What's wrong with just being black?" and one gets a sense of his personal frustration particularly a reference to taking a test where someone is required to state their race. His attitude appeared to be something like, "Fuck it! Just put white." It's hard to know exactly what Fresh Wanza was thinking or feeling beyond the words but we hope this effort helps keep his spirit and story alive.

You can download the song free.

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Obama’s Ode to Charleston

President Obama gave a great speech at the funeral service for the slain Senator Clamenta Pinckney from the Charleston Massacre.


This Flag Must Go

…as well as the thousands of idiots that support it!

Let us know your anti-confederate thoughts and your remarks will remain anonymous unless you request otherwise.


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