Support The COUP Act


Congressman Jamaal Bowman just introduced an urgent piece of legislation in response to the actions of thousands of violent insurrectionists last week.

Already, nearly 60,000 people have joined 24 organizations and campaigns in supporting this legislation called the Congressional Oversight of Unjust Policing (COUP) Act. But to make sure Congress takes immediate action, we need even more people to get on it.

Now that even more armed acts of insurrection are being planned at state capitals across the country, there’s more urgency to set a precedent against them.

The Congressional Oversight of Unjust Policing Act would uncover how the terrorist attack on the US Capitol was able to breach the Capitol building. It would establish a commission to investigate the attack – and ties between white supremacists and Capitol Police.

At least 20 organizations and campaigns are supporting the bill. 

Let’s break this down a little more.

Many police actually allowed violent white supremacists into the Capitol. There’s footage of police opening gates willingly and taking selfies with them.

Now compare this to how police treated Black Lives Matter protests last summer:

  • They ran crowds of civilians over with their trucks;
  • They kettled and arrested thousands of peaceful demonstrators on bridges and in public parks;
  • They tear gassed, beat, and maimed countless more, including journalists and children.

This country is in a crisis of racist policing. We need a serious intervention. Firing the heads of the Capitol Police is not enough.

This is not just a case of police competence. This is a case of police-aided, violent, white supremacist insurrection. And this country desperately needs to set a precedent that these actions cannot stand.

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