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Some Rednecks Rule

Happy to call this guy a gentleman. Regardless of whether we could hang out, have a beer, shoot pool and look at women’s butts together or not…

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Just Eat It

In our Black communities across the United States, we are suffering from what some call “Food Deserts” or neighborhoods where even if people wanted to eat healthy, they can’t because there are no grocery stores or restaurants close to them that have healthy options. This leads to terrible health problems and makes people in these communities, many who have poor access to health care, feel like they are poisoning themselves.Luckily, there is a current movement to combat this and nonprofits like Appetite For Change in North Minneapolis are being created to provide tools to create healthy communities through cooking workshops and organized efforts toward food justice. AFC teamed up with the #BeatsandRhymesCrew, the same rap group that created the Hot Cheetos and Takis song a couple of years ago that reached national fame with currently over 14 million YouTube views, and are now flipping the script and addressing those same junk foods that are hurting our communities.The song entitled, “Grow Food” follows the kids through the North Side of Minneapolis where they drop some GRADE A bars about growing their own food and shining a light on food inequities in America. “See in my hood there ain’t really much to eat. Popeyes on the corner, McDonald’s right across the street. All this talk about guns and the drugs, pretty serious, but look at what they feeding ya’ll that’s what’s really killin us.” The song even gives a shout out to Michelle Obama giving her props for speaking out and using her platform to encourage everyone in America to eat better. This song is a Banger. The North Side of Minneapolis just came through for the WIN on this one. #17thsoulja #BlackIG17th #healthiswealth Now #juju on that beet ??????????

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Albert Woodfox Speaks His Truth

Albert Woodfox, a founding Black Panther member and the last living member of the renown Angola 3, speaks about the cruelty of solitary confinement, which he suffered for 44 years due to trumped up charges in a Louisiana prison.

Cops Keep Firing

Our brother and Frisco Raptivist, Sellassie is speaking some modern gospel.

Black Panther Albert Woodfox Finally Free

Black Panther finally free after 43 years in solitary confinement.
Albert Woodfox was convicted twice for killing a prison guard in 1972 but a judge ordered his release last summer.

The former Black Panther was kept behind bars by a federal appeals court as the state of Louisiana, where he was imprisoned, lodged a challenge against his release.

His release on Friday came after the state dropped the threat of a third murder charge in exchange for Woodfox pleading no contest to lesser charges.

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What’s Wrong With Just Being Black

Murder victim Tywanza Sanders was not only an innocent victim of racial terrorism committed by a despicable white racist, he was also an aspiring rapper.

Together with Producer/DJ Sir Charlie London and singer songwriter Kamary Phillips, one of Tywanza's (aka Fresh Wanza) last known songs has been realized.

In the song he poses the simple question, "What's wrong with just being black?" and one gets a sense of his personal frustration particularly a reference to taking a test where someone is required to state their race. His attitude appeared to be something like, "Fuck it! Just put white." It's hard to know exactly what Fresh Wanza was thinking or feeling beyond the words but we hope this effort helps keep his spirit and story alive.

You can download the song free.

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Obama’s Ode to Charleston

President Obama gave a great speech at the funeral service for the slain Senator Clamenta Pinckney from the Charleston Massacre.

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